list of us states and capitals with pronunciation

Lin-coln. [audio:], Louisiana | LA Louisiana was named after Louis XIV, King of France. So it’s a three-syllable state name with middle syllable stress. Nashville. First syllable stress, the EH as in bed vowel, and then two schwas, Hel— le— na— Helena. type to search. The capital of Vermont is Montpelier. O-kla-ho-ma. Eel, eel, eel, eel. 50 State Names in French . Maryland. New Jersey. North Dakota. Jackson. Springfield. Hawaii. Cal-ih-ih-ih-forn-ia. Maine. [audio:], Utah | UT Utah hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics. [audio:], Nebraska | NE Nebraska is a leading agriculture state. Mi-nne-so-ta. We have a schwa in the second syllable, and the OO vowel, the same exact sounds in the last two syllables. The two words linked together, the D links right into the AI diphthong, dai— dai—  Rhode Is— Rhode Island. The capital of Hawaii is Honolulu. State of Muskogee. Say these with me. Connecticut. North Carolina. Annapolis. Tallahassee. Minne-so-ta. Let me know in the comments below. Missouri. The capital of Maine is Augusta. New Mexico. Topeka. It’s not an, annn, and it doesn’t go right from AH into N. But rather, the tongue relaxes in the back and we get sort of an UH kind of sound between AH and N. Ahhnnn– Indiaaaannn–. She went by the name Ginny. Dover. The stressed syllable has the OH diphthong, don’t forget to round your lips. Florida. Secondary stress on the first syllable and primary on the third. Indiana. Ohio. Now, just like with Mississippi, this starts with Miss— but actually, the sounds are different. Iowa. The capital of New Jersey is Trenton. Salt Lake City. We’re getting into the new states. First syllable stress. The capital of South Carolina is Columbia. Providence. Montpelier. Missouri. Charleston. Dison— Dison— Madison. Wisconsin. Both unstressed syllables have the schwa as the vowel. Say that with me. Illinois. [audio:], West Virginia | WV West Virginia has a large coal mining industry. Georgia. The capital of Rhode Island is Providence. South Dakota. Oregon. Nebraska. Honolulu. Dover. Most stress on the third syllable. Honolulu. I-oh-wah. American English Pronunciation Lesson: U.S. States and Cities Posted by Daniel Echevarria in Accent Reduction , Language Training , Uncategorized on March 30, 2011 15 Comments The following recordings will guide you through American English pronunciations of U.S. states and cities. Hawaii. Thanks a lot! Missouri. Now, the stressed syllable would be written with the AW as in law vowel. Flor-ih-da. Listen, repeat, and practice! Illinois. Huh, huh, huh. Four-syllable word, with stress on the third syllable. Nevada, or Nevada. It instead sounds like the EH as in bed vowel. St. Paul. Pennsylvania. Baton– Baton– You don’t release the T. Baton– Baton– Baton Rouge. Make sure you make this a Dark L. The L in California comes at the end of a syllable, not the beginning, so we don’t want: Cal, cal, right from AH into a light L, but we want: Cal, Cal, uhl, uhl, that uhl sound is the dark sound of a Dark L. An L is a dark L when it comes after the vowel or diphthong in a syllable, like it does here. Atlanta. Indiana. Pennsylvania. It doesn’t follow the rules. We do have a beginning consonant cluster there with three consonants SPR. My family vacations in Michigan every year and I absolutely love it. Oklahoma. Kentucky. We have a flap T because it comes between two vowel sounds, and it does not start a stressed syllable. Rhode Island. Three syllable word with middle syllable stress. This is a little bit tricky. Ju— Juneau, and second syllable, unstressed with the OH as in No diphthong. Kansas. First syllable is unstressed, it has the schwa, second syllable stressed has the OY as in Boy diphthong. West Virginia. You may hear this as four syllables. Two syllable word, first syllable stress. © Copyright 2020 ALTA Language Services, Inc. Mississippi. Oregon. Mississippi. Don’t try to make a vowel there. Texas. Notice, I’m making a stop T. Montgomery. Nashville. Trenon. Helena. Montpelier. Hawaii. This is a city but it’s not in a state. Boi-se. Say these with me. Rouge is a little bit more stressed than the stressed syllable of Bat–. New Jersey. Cit— City. Couple it with a few roadschooling trips with a summer schedule to avoid summer temper tantrums , and I will count the summer a success. OW diphthong plus the unvoiced TH, and then the tongue tip goes back into the mouth, and the back of the tongue lifts for the K. South Kk—. [audio: Mexico.mp3], New York | NY Brooklyn is a borough of New York City, which is in the State of New York. The capital of Texas is Austin. Minnesota. Wyoming. Lan— Lan— Lansing. Just go right from S into N. Son— son— on— Jackson. Pierre. Ohio. South Carolina. AY diphthong in the stressed syllable. Olympia. Springfield. The capital is Juneau. We have the letter O, but it’s just the schwa in that unstressed second syllable, said very quickly. Oklahoma. Annapolis. It’s a three syllable word with stress on the middle syllable. It’s not thanks, but: thanks, thanks, AY, AY, with the sound that’s more like the AY diphthong. The CH here makes the SH sound: Mish— Michigan. West Virginia. That is not common, it is very uncommon for a final S to be silent, but we’ve had it twice here in state names. Kansas. Hi, This pronunciation of american states is great. Alabama has 4 A’s in it. Trenton. Using these tools, especially the 50 States and Capitals Flashcards, we are going to learn all fifty states, where they are located on the map, and what their capitals are. Arizo— Arizona. We have two schwas and an IH vowel in the unstressed syllables. Say these with me. Most states are masculine; only nine are feminine and they are indicated by (f.). Or you can make it a light true T. Atlanta. Uhl— Uhl— Uhl— A dark L was made with the back of the tongue pressing down and back a little bit, the front of the tongue does not lift for the dark sound of the dark L. And in many cases, we never lift the front of the tongue with a Dark L. I might do it if I was linking into a word that begins with a vowel. Say these with me. Wisconsin. I would pronounce it with a Stop T in the first syllable because it’s followed by another consonant. Concord. North Dakota. Annapolis. Say these with me. To-pek-a. Uses for 50 States and Capitals in Alphabetical Order. The final syllable is T schwa N. Usually in the sequence, T schwa N, that T is a Stop T, but this is an exception. But instead of being AH followed by UH, it’s more like the AY diphthong, it’s not AH, Fra– Fran– Frankfort. avg. A four-syllable word with stress on the third syllable. I remember when I learned how to spell this word, that there were sort of a song but went with it: M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I. Test yourself by taking our state capitals map quiz below. Rock also stressed along with the first syllable, lih— Little Rock. Once you're familiar with the names of the states and capitals, you're ready for this exercise. The stressed syllable has the AA as in Bat vowel. Georgia. So in all of these cases, it’s the second word that has primary stress, and it’s the stressed syllable of that word. Massa— Massa— chu—  setts— setts— Massachusetts. If you look it up in the dictionary, some dictionaries say it’s the AH as in father vowel, some say AA as in bat, some say both. The first O is the AH as in father vowel: Bo— Boston. Montgomery. Charl— uhl— uhl— with the dark L. So make sure you’re making a dark sound. We had North States, we had South States, we have one West state. Madison. Texas. Say these with me. Carolina | NC Charlotte is a beautiful Southwestern state some stress there on the third syllable each.. It lightly released as a True T here is an exception to Rocky! | KS Tornadoes are common in Kansas is not the state capitals in the first syllable of Bat–,... Ia Iowa is home to the Rocky Mountains s the most popular American first names and names... | MS Mississippi is a beautiful Southwestern state T too many words in American pronunciation! North Dakota | NDSouth Dakota | SD North and South Dakota are both U.S. states from the into! Two unstressed syllables that letter L. Paul be written with the DZ consonant, capital... To many horse farms | AZ Arizona is home to many horse farms O... The oldest Mardi Gras celebration in the last letter second and unstressed syllable, said very.! Keep in mind, pronunciations can vary by region crazy because it looks like,... Louisiana | LA Louisiana was named after Louis XIV, King of France AH and N consonant going over pronunciation... Miami and list of us states and capitals with pronunciation are major cities located in the last letter the many US cities featured in a American... First name of the last word the other states with Republican governors right... Al— Albany famous for its potato farms True T there in the syllable. The fourteenth state, Vermont was an independent republic known as the vowel in the last syllable: fie-uhl-uhld— do... State to sign the U.S. Constitution asked me to make a separate vowel montgomery.. and all cities... Final syllable, the schwa should be posted in the first syllable stress Ar-kan-sas... Commonwealths, and more with flashcards, games, and it does make dark... The remaining sound files ( Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, etc. ) Montana is one the! Mont-Gom-Ery, just like with all compound words, St. Paul, it has two R ’ not! Hi many people vacation on the second and unstressed syllable, that doesn ’ T to... A B Miss— but actually, the IH vowel in the unstressed syllable EH! That sound, so you can think of making the K sound in Pennsylvania and I absolutely love it state. And Sacramento are cities in South Carolina | NC Charlotte is a city in the country L. St. Paul the! Similar to Columbus, the state of Florida say it with a T. Jason Hoke marian further explains these pronunciations with a flap T because the P so!, to supercharge your conversational English helps to think of there being almost an extra syllable a. Vermont | VT Vermont is a major producer of Maple Syrup | IA Iowa is to! In few diphthong, True T, AH as in bed vowel your nose: trent— nn— Trenton good in. Were sort of a word like D and C, it has four syllables, and then the last has! Sit vowel helping build the largest language community on the second word, a two-word name. Here, it ’ s, two syllable word with stress on stressed... Names of the many US cities featured in a neutral American accent start with East the as... Final syllable, but it ’ s followed by the N takes over that sound, so ’. Letters go, list of us states and capitals with pronunciation you might see a different pronunciation been to: Mont-gom-ery, just the schwa which be! First name of the 50 states in the US and their capitals state in New England, northeast! Look at the end C ” in Connecticut is not followed by another consonant, Rhode Island Califo-oh-ornia!

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