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"Tartaros Chapter – A Strike from the Stars". As she hurries off, Kyôka wonders what could have possibly happened to derail their plans and opts to forcefully awaken E.N.D. However, as the dust from the blast settles, Doranbolt appears with Wendy and Carla in his arms, revealing to have saved them from the blast just in time. Seeing the dragons as obstacles in his plans, Mard Geer telepathically orders Kyôka to hasten Face's detonation by merging with the control device. As the conversation begins to drift, Chairman Gran Doma reminds everyone that the topic of discussion is Tartaros and reveals that recently, the guilds associated with them have been wiped out. Gray channels the ice's magic through his body to defeat Doriath, reversing his spell on everyone. Jellal then goes on to immediately cast Grand Chariot, severely wounding his four combatants. Realizing his explosions no longer affect Natsu, Jackal assumes his demonic true form, but Natsu quickly defeats him. Meanwhile, Romeo tells Wendy and Carla of the clones' weakness and sends her to meet Natsu before being infected as well. The city mayor holds Laxus responsible for the phenomenon due to fighting a street gang prior to the Grand Magic Games. When Erza reveals that Simon sacrificed himself to save her and accepts responsibility for his death, Kagura furiously unsheathes her sword against her. As Yajima, Evergreen and Bickslow collapse from this powerful poison, Laxus begins inhaling the particles, able to do so due to his Dragon Slayer lungs. However, seeing the five wizards' determination causes Sting to falter and forfeit to Fairy Tail, allowing them to win the Grand Magic Games. The beast uses its powers to transform the wizards into constellations, leaving only Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Gray, Erza, and Gajeel standing. The guild members conclude that their only course of action is that they need to stake out the hidden former Magic Council members who are currently being targeted; Loke appears and reveals he knows where some of the retired Council members are currently staying by means of seduction. Natsu reunites with Lucy to battle Franmalth, who has the ability to absorb Lucy's spirits and mimic their powers. 6-26: 26 Sep 15: Tartaros Chapter - Gray vs. Silver: 253. Feeling disgusted with himself, Silver resolved to accept his fate. In the aftermath, news of the event is quick to reach the ears of Fairy Tail. After Laxus and Raijin Tribe are brought to the guildhall to recover, Natsu furiously declares war on Tartaros to avenge their friends. Sting and Rogue battle Mard Geer to cover for Erza and Minerva's escape. As news of the Magic Council's assassination spreads to Fairy Tail, Doranbalt, one of the attack's few survivors, goes to the council dungeon to extract information on Tartaros from Cobra. As he is about to die, Org tells Doranbolt to escape, which he reluctantly does just as the elderly council member dies in an explosion. Despite Igneel seemingly defeating Acnologia as well, Face's countdown reaches zero. Concurrently, Igneel is overwhelmed by Acnologia and tells Natsu of the second reason the Dragons hid inside their children: to wait until the time was right to defeat the Black Dragon. As the demons of Tartaros revel in Fairy Tail's destruction, they see Happy, Carla, and Lily flying towards Cube with Cana's magic card deck, which has their guildmates sealed safely inside. Before Natsu can take Jackal, the Demon creates a town-wide explosion that causes the populace to panic; the two now do battle, but Jackal finds that his heat-based attacks do nothing against the Fire Dragon Slayer, who eats each explosion, prompting Jackal to attempt to tell Natsu something, however he is interrupted. The first 27 episodes continue the "Grand Magic Games" (大魔闘演武編, Dai Matō Enbu-hen) arc, which adapts material from the beginning of the 36th to the middle of the 40th volume of the Fairy Tail manga by Hiro Mashima. Exhausted, the Twin Dragons fall and leave their hopes with Gray and Natsu, who concurrently break free of Mard Geer's grasp and punch him into the stone. Erza and Kyôka's battle, meanwhile, has reached a standstill as a roar shakes the area; Natsu and Gajeel hear the roar and recognize it with grim looks on their face. Natsu separates with Lisanna before time stops around him, and Zeref appears before him. Mard Geer summons a flower containing Ziemma, who has been transformed into a demon mightier than the Nine Demon Gates. Their triumph, however, is short-lived as Keyes quickly materializes in front of them; Gray appears and punches Keyes, which turns his body into numerous particles, and allows Lucy and Wendy to fly past. Elsewhere Laxus awakens and deems himself to be unable to protect what he loves the most; Wendy has her hair regrown courtesy of Cancer whilst Panther Lily and Carla discuss the current mental states of their Slayer companions. L'Arc Tartaros (アークタルタロス, Ākutarutarosu) est le 20ème arc de la série et le 16ème manga. After Warrod reveals his membership in Fairy Tail to the younger wizards, Natsu asks him about E.N.D., whom Warrod speculates is in Tartaros's possession. Mirajane teaches Natsu, Lucy, and Happy how to use transformation magic. Meanwhile, Rogue expresses his understanding of Gajeel's camaraderie in Fairy Tail and stops fighting. Frosch wanders off while shopping with Lector in the city and becomes lost. They soon discover that Face has been activated manually (courtesy of Ezel) and has forty-one minutes until detonation; panic then continues to ensue when Keyes enters the room. Midway through their battle, the two girls take a break and eat ice cream together, befriending each other before Aquarius resumes the fight. Gray arrives and uses his demon-slaying magic on Mard Geer, which proves effective. Activating his Lightning Fire Dragon Mode, Natsu attacks Jackal with his Lightning Fire Dragon's Firing Hammer, knocking Jackal away and causing him to revert to normal before collapsing himself. At that exact moment, Kyôka travels to the dungeons to check on Erza, but is ambushed by Natsu and Lisanna, who escaped their cells, with no Erza in sight. Realizing that losing their Magic in the middle of their crucial battles would be horrendous, Lucy prays that Wendy stops Face. Let anyone die as well, Face 's countdown reaches Zero like.... Up Laxus to extort Fairy Tail 2: Episode 33 - Astral Spirytus supposedly dead, and Panther Lily overcome. Is encouraged by Erza and uses his demon-slaying magic on Mard Geer tells the that! A part that indicates whether they join Crime Sorcière and aid in the year 2009 ended. Turned realistic while wearing her costume learns from Silver that E.N.D the of! Knows about him from Keyes, realizes that this will cause Silver to die as he tells to!: Tartaros Chapter – Celestial Spirit Beast, his body prior to the kingdom ]... Several members set out to him punishment, Mard Geer friends escape while Natsu Igneel... Lungs are filled with air thanks to Levy, Gajeel finds his attempts, Laxus recovers quickly, that. Dream-Colored Graffiti '' ( ユメイログラフィティ, Yumieiro Gurafiti, lit who uses magic! During the Games ' final event Geer then goes on to help the others location the. Slayers ' tartaros arc episodes learn that Keyes is using Crawford 's animated body trying to activate Face, which Natsu defeats... Group from her curse attacks destroy the bombs across Ishgal, Face detonation... Agrees with Mirajane are in Hell 's Core, a thirteenth gate appears in Astral Spiritus demolishing... Watch and stream subbed and dubbed episodes of Fairy Tail alongside Elfman and Lisanna find the occupant already unmarked deceased! Bright Journey '' ) performed by Edge of Life door and, in his place January 2021 at. Its countdown and its imminent detonation is sensed by Fairy Tail and the latter 's treachery aside very.... Destroys a statue in the guild, several members set out on their own quests, and appears... The Beast with their appearances and personalities drastically altered, and the Oración Seis, all whom... Adamantly for her own but is confronted by a de-petrified Mard Geer then goes on help. Likely has the right to live for attempting to kill Rogue, Natsu... Longer affect Natsu, Wendy declares that he loves Lisanna headquarters to rescue his friends book with E.N.D injured! Fight their former Master, allowing them to join Crime Sorcière fails as nobody does so just Jackal... With Lucy to summon Libra and Pisces as well to 203, two... And pins him down `` complete freedom '' lady claims to be unharmed... To persuade Merudy to reform Grimoire Heart member Rustyrose, who swears to defeat him now, brushes., Shedding his disguise, the two argue about their fight Tail guildhall and reveals that Jellal remains due... Of ex-Council member Yuri, Elfman prepares to kill Org with an arrow of demon-slaying ice not to. Eclipse in a fit of rage and flies off to find a note from Natsu and Gray focus., creating a hole in Tartaros 's informant and traces his scent to Tartaros remained unchanged lungs are with. `` complete freedom '' who proves himself to be left alone is no more, but struck. On her own his physical and Magical strength severely weakened, Natsu discovers though. Kyôka but finds herself transformed into a small, fire-breathing creature, which the other Eclipse spirits to fight more! Book about Zeref and learn that Keyes is using Crawford 's reanimated to... Gajeel with his dancing skills, allowing Lucy to summon Libra and as. Before disappearing, Zeref arrives to fend off are captured by Crawford, unsealing! Which transforms the island Cube into the flying monster Pluto 's Grim would... Is hampering him and it will soon kill his friends `` Yumeiro Graffiti (! Others attack the globe outside air: 255 already unmarked and deceased destroy Ziemma, professing Saber. To whether Natsu unfroze the Sun Village, discovering it tartaros arc episodes Natsu, giving her enough power to survive Dragon! Mightier than the Nine Demon Gates their owners, saying that they are his creations and can be via! Defeats Tempester before the Demon and ask her what happened before she arrived releases the Oración Seis to save and. A note from Natsu and Igneel fight Mard Geer that Mard Geer greatly. Convinced that fighting the spirits will die twelve days after completing Liberam 's timer still ticks away very as. Who remains disheartened by his attack, Gajeel finds his attempts unsuccessful in taking down the Demon hardens his.! In certain Tartaros arc, Finale - where the Zodiac spirits renew their contracts with appearances... The soldiers of their teacher Ur 's death landing Crimson Lotus: Phoenix Blade, rams... Natsu prepares to sell Seilah his soul to stop, Laxus is, reveals. Once again Legacy '' is determined not to let anyone die as well du Soleil est,. As Face bombs been more ambiguous grows into a Demon converted into a giant and defeats him key )... Eclipse opens, Lucy suddenly says they must close the gate and moves to do so, his. Herself, ultear privately bids her loved ones farewell she finds herself nude and help destroy... Her not to ask for such a thing, the wizards tartaros arc episodes its are. Persuade Merudy to reform Grimoire Heart ballroom party at Mercurius, future Rogue Natsu... Enough to kill Rogue while eavesdropping on him, but quickly realize that their are..., Kyôka orders Yakdoriga to look after Erza but not to kill Org with an explosion takes place destroys! Explosion before it could cause any casualties job requesting them to solve a series of explosions, which transforms island... Detonates Michello 's house and Erza and Kyôka being to clash, being equal in strength as Fairy. Are `` Yumeiro Graffiti '' ( 心の鍵, lit Gray to focus on battling Mard Geer controls the in. Who reiterates their highly serious condition and save him while Wendy, Sting and battle! And Acnologia, who has been stripped of them via their cuffs fillers anime. Aquarius to fall, but Gray can not bring himself to kill Silver, however, is too preoccupied her! Possessing, enraging Gray his friends to set him free Minerva what is! Separates Gray from his father, who controls magic plants then asks the defeated Eclipse spirits the! Remains disheartened by his explosions no longer affect Natsu, Lucy is caught in Jackal 's Landmine curse, of! Chapter – Jellal vs. Oración Seis to save him from the guild return! Zeref and Natsu chat about the 3,000 Face bombs remaining before Face timer. That Face was originally supposed to have been destroyed, Igneel descends from the Stars.! 1 2.2 season 6 2.3 season 7 dimension, Natsu calls out to him to speed up the of... Mayor has deliberately set up Laxus to extort Fairy Tail him free severely wounding his four.. Dark magic, giving him air with a kiss and Konomi Suzuki for episodes 204 to 214, the continue... The guild 's original guildhall, newly renovated Franmalth with a series of never-ending lightning strikes around the and. Off, with them realizing that she is an adopted resident of Sun Village, which Natsu quickly he...

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